Green is the new Pink

Remember pink? 

It used to be cool. And before pink? Black was cool. 

In fact, Pink is the new Black” is a quote from the movie “Funny Face” (1957) in which a fashion magazine editor swept away the boring black fashion she saw every day to launch a pink fashion movement.

Funny Face (1957) - Think Pink! | Audrey hepburn funny face, Funny ...

But we've moved beyond black, and pink and now green is cool.

Green is the new pink. 

Why is green suddenly so cool? It's not sudden. It's been happening for many years. A slow take over of all things green, sustainable, recyclable, re-usable and renewable. 

Trees and plants, parks and forests are precious and protected. We need the oxygen. We need the beauty. We need the outdoors. We need the relationship with nature, even in our own homes. 

This week, Chateau De Glass is all about greening up your home, whether it be buying plants, vases or planters and there's a great selection here


These two below are $20 off this week, use the code: GREENLIFE$20.


We're encouraging you to think green and sustainably, offering a call to action to buy more plants for your homes and fill it with light, beauty, freshness and greenery.  

If you have plants in your homes, please message us through Facebook and show us. We would love to see how you green-up your home. 

Next week is National Tree Day, and we're keen to promote the cause. It's a day, once a year, to plant something, grow something and be part of a national movement to go green and further turn your house into a home. 



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