How to pick the perfect artwork for your space!

Finding the perfect artwork for your space can be a bit of a headache. To assist you with your decorating journey, here are a few tips and tricks on finding artwork that is suited to your space!

Texture plays a huge part in adding character to your area. A common misconception is that the texture is only within the artwork, however framing is often overlooked. A wooden frame can add a scandi or contemporary feel to the space. By using a black or metal frame, this can assist with adding an industrial or rustic sense and white framing is leading towards a Hampton or Provincial style. Playing with different textures within and surrounding the artwork will aid you in creating the theme for your room.


Colours and patterns are to be experimented with. Who would of thought clashing two different patterns would eventually become trendy again! Trends are forever changing and rejecting traditional rules of colours and clashing have been changed. Reject the traditional thinking about certain colour and pattern matching with different colours and patterns, experiment on what works with your space!


Size plays an important part in choosing the perfect artwork to suit your space. Fitting the artwork to your room is vital! It is common for artwork to be hung too high. Hanging art at eye level helps bring the room to a sense of balance.

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