​Today, this week and this year is a time for resetting, refreshing, reducing stress and keeping calm and positive. Being kind to each other and ourselves.

Find a space where you can sit, lie down or relax and lose yourself in this calming visualisation, a guided meditation: 

Count to ten. Slowly. Breathe. Count backwards from ten. Slowly. Breathe. 

Release any stress. Let go any pressure, worries or thoughts for today. 

Open your mind's eye and imagine...

...that you are walking along a path... entering a wildlife sanctuary. 

This wildlife sanctuary is a preserved nature area... maybe in the wilderness, or perhaps in the middle of a city.

The path is paved... just wide enough for walking. Enter the wildlife sanctuary, walking along the path. Wild grass grows beside the path, and there are trees on both sides.

Birds are singing in the distance.

It is a beautiful, sunny day. The air is pleasant and warm, a slight breeze making it even more comfortable. Feel the sun shining down on you... warming and relaxing your body.

Take a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air. Breathe out, feeling invigorated.

Take another deep breath in.... and out...

Continue to breathe the fresh, clean air.

The path curves up ahead, continuing deeper into the beautiful wildlife sanctuary.

As you continue along the path, you admire the scene around you. Small trees grow near the path, their bark smooth and light colored... small round leaves twisting gently in the breeze.

Further back from the path, larger trees grow. There is a variety of trees. Beautiful flowers, growing right near the path.

As you round a curve in the path, you can see up ahead a clearing.... it is a pond, or a small lake.

You can see up ahead that the path continues next to the water.

As you walk toward the water, the sun shines down, birds sing, a breeze blows... it is so peaceful here. Such a beautiful day. You feel very content.

Continue to walk toward the pond, seeing the reeds growing among the grass near the water. As you approach the pond, you can hear even more birds singing. Getting closer to the water, you see the reeds getting thicker toward the water's edge, and continuing around the shallow edges of the pool. The deeper water toward the center is smooth.

Imagine sitting on a bench, and closing your eyes for a moment to simply enjoy the sun and the peaceful sounds of the wildlife around you.

Stop. Breathe. 

Look around now, at the beautiful scenery around you. The wildlife sanctuary is such a calm, serene area with this lake in the middle. Imagine looking out over the water, admiring it's stillness... reflecting the blue sky and a few small white clouds. Across the water, a carpet of stunning wildflowers. 

Relax in this peaceful wildlife sanctuary. You may want to imagine laying back and closing your eyes, or continuing to look around. Imagine spending time however you wish, here in this peaceful place.

You are so relaxed and calm. You don't want to get up. 

Relax for a few moments longer in this wildlife sanctuary.

You are feeling peaceful, and you can return to this state whenever you need to in order to feel calm.

Keep with you this feeling of relaxation while you slowly return your awareness to the present.

Become aware of how you're sitting, notice the surface you are on. Notice the feeling of your clothing against your skin.

Turn your attention to the sounds of your environment around you.

Feel your mind and body reawaken as your awareness of your surroundings increases.

Look around.

When you have returned to your usual level of alertness, you can return to your day, feeling awake, calm, positive and relaxed.

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