Keep Australia Beautiful: One Home at a Time

This week is Keep Australia Beautiful week. 

Although we might be a little restricted due to having to stay at home, we can still play our part to keep Australia beautiful: one home at a time. 

Chateau De Glass values beauty, warmth, luxury and light. 

Look around your home: what's beautiful about it, what makes you feel warm and cosy, what makes you feel pampered and luxurious, and what lights you up? 

Beauty means many things to many people so it's subjective; it's what you believe it to be, so where do you experience it: in your garden, your cooking, on your walls, in your bedroom or dining room, or even in your backyard in the form of your gorgeous bunny gnome?  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And you are the beholder. 

What will you do this year to keep Australia beautiful and bring a little more beauty into your home? 

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