Light at the start of the tunnel

Next week is 'back to school' which can mean many things for many people. 

It might mean the opportunity to return to study, learn, experience, grow, connect with friends, networks, mentors, read, write or play. Or it might mean the opportunity to fill your mind, and the opportunity to organise it, streamline your thinking, focus your attention, set goals, meet challenges and create worlds. 

For most of us it means a time of transition, the next step, next chapter, a time to progress or continue, or change, to get back to something we started or to start something new, hang a new picture, create a new piece of art, finish the book, move the couch or buy a new clock. 

Whatever the end of school holidays and going back to school means to you, take the opportunity to see it as a starting point, not an end point. 

Start something amazing. Do one thing, choose one thing to make your home and life better, re-ignite a friendship, shed light on a problem, meet a challenge or pursue a passion.

This is your time. This is your life. 

There is light at the start of the tunnel. 

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