Man’s Best Friend

By Shannon Sayer

What a time for companionship!
Through these tough times, it is important to remain social as we find ourselves relying heavily on companionship. For this week, try and focus on providing companionship, making sure that everyone around you is well and safe. Embrace in a virtual hug and show unconditional love to those surrounding you.

Mr Barling

Staying at home has allowed all our pooches and puppies more time to enjoy everyday activities with the one that matters most! Our pups have incredible qualities. They provide great company, provide unconditional love and protect us from harm. Their loyalty inspires us to be better humans.

Although some may not be able to relate to having a canine companion, having small decorative pieces around your home can help embody the same attitude; to take each day as it comes.

At Chateau De Glass, we offer many products that can help your home embrace the essence of companionship, and with Father’s Day quickly approaching, pondering gift ideas can sometimes be a struggle.

Find your Father’s Day gift at


French Bulldog

Add this focal French Bulldog to your space for only $79 marked down from $109! This piece is not only adorable, but adds a sense of companionship without the excess.

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