Oh the places you will go!

By Shannon Sayer

Oh, the places reading will take you!

This week embarks the journey of the MS READATHON. For many children, they will find their love and passion for reading whilst fundraising for the MS community.

It is mind-blowing how literacy can allow each individual to express their creativity and imagination in a variety of ways. It can inspire us to write, to learn or to listen.

Reading isn’t just about words on paper. It’s about creation and imagination that allows each individual to escape. Reading books positively affects your life emotionally and intellectually. It can strengthen the brain, build vocabulary and reduce stress.

It can allow the mind to drift into absolute comfort and to distract us briefly from the crazy world around us.

It can allow our bodies to completely regenerate and encourage creative thoughts and wonders.

Allow yourself to escape into a new and unknowing world that may or may not exist! Adventure into the past or travel back in time. Read personal memoirs and explore the feelings of empathy. The sky is the limit.

During these tough and unprecedented times, we can find a lot of spare time on our hands. Why not pick up a book or a poetic piece? Engage in the world of reading and allow your mind to be free from the stressors that may surround you.

Let literature take you to the places you wish to go...in the comfort of your own home.

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