Sleep is the new wake

This week is about the beauty that will be. For all of us. 

Prior to right now, the state of being awake was once thought to be the state of consciousness and awareness, of seeing and knowing, of feeling and tasting what we call 'our reality'. But this is not the case anymore, from here until forever. 

Being asleep is the new wake. 

When we're asleep, we're dreaming, imagining, thinking of beauty, better places and worlds; we're kind, loving and generous and we can be anything or anyone we want. We're creating a future that is better than the reality we live in. 

In reality, in the present, we're limited, restricted to what we know and can see, to be places and do things which serve a purpose within our reach, sometimes other than what we would like or believe to be possible.  

In sleep time, we get to alter our course, consider possibilities, forge new paths, build new bridges, sew new seeds and plant a new purpose. We get to dream of the next version of ourselves. 

Awake, we count numbers and things and people and statistics. 

Before we sleep, we count sheep. 

Today, we face our challenges, our problems, deal with the day to day and our demons.

Tonight, we dream of tomorrow and the beauty that will be. 

This Friday is National Pyjama Day to raise awareness for children in foster care and to support their dreaming and future. Please check out the website and support them if you can. And... 

Check out the dream range of cushions at Chateau De Glass this week; $5 off by using the code: PYJAMADAY5OFF. 

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