Thinking of you

This coming week is "National Thinking of You" week. It's not a fundraiser. It's not asking you to donate or give to any charity. It's just about 'thinking of you', simple, beautiful.

So who are you thinking about? Who comes to mind? Who do you know who needs love and consideration? Your children, siblings, family, friend or colleague? 

Spend the time and think about them, but not just that. Let them know. Send them a hug, a message in a bottle, a few words of encouragement, a breath of friendship, a smile to remind them they're being thought of, they're valued, they're worth it. Text them, tag them, tell them. Make them feel special, just for a moment. Don't regret having not told someone you care about that they were in your thoughts. 

You can read more about National Thinking of You Week here (18-24 June). 

To quote from their website:

"Thinking of You Week is all about your family, your relatives, your friends and neighbours... all those people you care deeply about.  It encourages people to connect, not because of a special occasion but ‘just because’.  It’s all about reaching out and making the world a better, more thoughtful and caring place."

What will you do this about to show you're thinking about someone, and making the world a better, more caring place? 

Chateau de Glass has a range of products inspired to show others you're thinking about them, check the store here. 

And please let us know who you're thinking about and how you're showing it. 

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