Why Metal Wall Art Might Be Perfect For You!

If you are looking for that special piece to help lift a certain area in your home, office or workplace Metal Artwork maybe just what you’re looking for.



When l think of Metal Wall Art, l think of the transformation that the journey of the process that sometimes can take hours, days and even weeks to reach the end result.

Once a blank sheet of metal the sheet is engraved, cut and transformed into a beautiful piece of art.

The shapes, the colours and even the texture needs to be appreciated for its creation. A creation of uniqueness and the feeling of appreciation of the journey.


Metal Wall Art can be a feature both inside and out, creating a wonderful focal point to be admired. Often, Abstract Metal Wall Art can be seen differently by others and yet you are drawn to it by what you see.



Metal Artwork is often easier to hang than a picture and this is due to the many cut outs within the piece itself allowing you to place a nail, screw or hook in a chosen area.


Metal Artwork is often lighter than pictures or timber work allowing the piece to be hung on plaster board in most cases.



Metal is one of the most durable materials used in our homes and therefore Metal Wall Art has become a popular piece when looking for artwork.


Your garden, pergola or other outdoor areas can truly come alive when introducing a beautiful piece of Metal Wall Art. In some cases, l would suggest coating with a clear lacquer to protect from the elements. This will certainly maintain the great appearance of your chosen piece.


Unlike mirror, glass, ceramic or fine china if fallen from the wall they would most likely shatter, whereas Metal Wall Art generally stays in one piece. I’d call that a bonus!


When choosing your Metal Artwork, it is guaranteed you will come across some of the most contemporary, industrial, modern, yesteryear and unique pieces. Wall art that will truly capture the interest of all that view.


Add a beautiful piece of Metal Artwork to your space the benefits are amazing. 10% off this week at Chateau de Glass! Find your perfect wall art at www.chateaudeglass.com.au!

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