Meet the Team

They say it takes a village, and we’re pretty proud of ours! The team behind Château de Glass makes sure to keep the good times rolling while we work together to deliver top tier customer experiences. Meet our beloved Château family, including our favourite four-legged Supawvisors.


Ben — The Stickler For Detail


Ben is our ultimate problem fixer and solution finder, and to say we’d be lost without him is an understatement! Ben is a self-professed computer nerd (V energy drink in hand), always in his groove, turning the designs we create into the real products we sell. Ben is a hard worker with a great attitude, and he’s always coming up with new ideas — just don’t ask him about his love/hate relationship with the CNC machines.


Brandon AKA Benda — Fun Facts Benda


Brandon, AKA Benda, is the first on scene to show up with a fun fact, and he’s always enlightening our crew. Dedicated and hardworking, Benda brings a positive, can-do attitude to each day, while he’s known for “Bendify-ing” everything he does — meaning, he believes his brute force can solve anything (though he’s been known to break a few things here and there!).


Bryan – The Gun


Never one to turn down a good conversation, Bryan is our chatterbox and social butterfly. Bryan has a head as big as his muscles, but he’s also got the track record to back it up. As our resident BDM king, Bryan does a lot of work, and he does it efficiently (though he firmly believes nothing gets done when he’s not here… pfft!). Be careful, though: when Bryan is around, watch your back, or you may become the victim of his latest prank.


Luke – The Eccentric


If you hear opera music playing at the Château, you can safely guess that Luke is near! Luke has always been known as the eccentric one, and he doesn’t shy away from the reputation — though he’s a great team leader, he sure loves to stir us up! Luke is the master of turning ideas into real projects. He’s also a great problem solver, and is often the one to bring everything together. Put simply, Luke makes our dreams a reality.


Lucie – The Perfectionist


Lucie is our ideas woman! As our mega-creative product designer, you can also refer to her as a workaholic (or, as she would say, passionate). Some even refer to Lucie as Dragon Lady — could it be because she’s known for her stubbornness, and never taking no for an answer? Whichever the reason, Lucie is the best at encouraging our team to do the impossible. When something seems like it can’t be done, Lucie rallies our problem solvers, and keeps Château de Glass moving forward with her inimitable creative direction.


Harvey (The King Charles Cavalier) – The Dopey Senior Supawvisor


Don’t be fooled: Harvey, the Dopey Senior Supawvisor, is not really a sloth, though he claims to be. Harvey is a King Charles Cavalier who is equal parts loyal and lazy, though when the food is brought out, Harvey will do just about anything for a crumb. Harvey also demonstrates his fascinating abilities as an escape artist across any job duty he is assigned — Harvey will escape his duties, and our warehouse, without a second thought.


Henry AKA Chicken Wing (The baby King Charles Cavalier) – The Cheeky Junior Supawvisor


If there’s one Little Fellar who’s on Harvey’s tail at every possible moment of escape, it’s our Cheeky Junior Supawvisor, Henry. While he may appear innocent, don’t let Henry trick you — he’s always up to something, whether it be chewing, making a mess, or throwing irresistible puppy-dog eyes your way for a treat. Henry’s main job duty (self-appointed, may we add) is to drive Senior Supawvisor Harvey absolutely crazy. On top of that, Henry truly believes he is a cat. Mischief is never far when Henry is around.

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