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Make your house a home with Château de Glass! 

A little bit about us… 

Founded in 2017, Château de Glass is a family run business, based in beautiful Northern Brisbane , Queensland, Australia. After working for years in the building industry, more particularly in the display home world, we wanted to create an online space where our customers would be able to find beautiful pieces to create their own special interiors. An online retailer of interior and exterior furniture and homewares, we work hard to provide consumers with a wide range of quality and stylish products to help them transform their “house into a home”. Our customer service team, which includes interior decorators, are here to help you on your home decorating journey, to ensure you have an enjoyable and inspiring experience. To make sure we are at our customers reach, we ship our products Australia wide and since May 201.

Our story… 

The name Château de Glass is a mix of the French "Château" which means “Castle” and the English word "Glass”. My husband and I met in the South of France in 2000, so when we created this company, we wanted to find a name which would reflect both our cultures, but also our vision and the journey through which Château de Glass was born. The word “Château” was carefully selected because it represents beauty, elegance and luxury, all aspects we want to bring to our customer’s homes. It also has another strong meaning for our family, a castle is a difficult and lengthy foundation to build, one which sometimes requires sacrifices and hardship. In 2017, our lives were turned upside down, when we were announced that our oldest son, Bryan, was diagnosed with Leukaemia. In an instant, the life we knew had changed forever… Leukaemia requires a very long, 3 years treatment. The first year being particularly intensive and requiring hospitalisation and/or daily visits to the hospital. With the demand of our son’s treatment, we had to make the decision for me to leave my employment, to be able to care for him. During our long days in hospital and determined to be able to continue to support our family financially, I started to craft a business model for Château de Glass. Using the knowledge I had gained from my years working in the building industry and the contacts I acquired over these years, I started to mould the foundations of Château de Glass.  

What about the the word “Glass”…? The word “Glass” was chosen because it instantly brings me back to my many visits to “la Galerie de Glace” at the Palace of Versailles, a magnificent Hall of Mirrors, the symbol of the great French palace, a long and bright room which welcomes in the sun from one side, disperses it to all corners and holds the twinkling light of magnificent chandeliers from its ceiling. Once again, this word was chosen to reflect beauty, light, warmth & luxury, all elements which we want to bring to your homes. We decided to add our twist to it and spell the word “glace” in English “glass”. To our family this word also represents light and new beginnings, but it also represents something which is thin and easily breakable, like our lovely life in 2017. It reminds us that things can change in an instant, this is why we should do what we love and enjoy what we love, with the ones we love. It is important to live in the moment and not look back and regret what we haven’t done! 

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